Good Morning! Rise and Shine, it's time to open up photoshop and scrap! I'll be hosting the slooow scrap today starting at 9am est, I've got 7 fun steps that lead up to an awesome layout, I'll post these steps every hour, (or two I've gotta grocery shop lol)

The great thing about a slooow scrap is you get to take a break from whatever the day brings and have a little fun scrapping! you can start at anytime, even if I've already posted a few steps, you are welcome to jump right in and catch up!

I can't wait to see what you make.... just a warning it might get confusing LOL


Let's get started!

Step One: Find 2-3 Photos, Mine are Vertical, so 3 fit nicely, but 2-3 horizontal photos would work too.

Step two: Line your photos up evenly in a straight horizontal line, then select all the photos and rotate the right side up about 12% so the photos are at an angle, you can add a frame to the photos if you'd like

Step three: Pick out two papers, one for your background and cut the second one in to a large circle place that under the photos on the upper right corner, the circle will hang off the edge a bit.

Step Four: Cluster some foliage and elements on/below the far right photo.

Step Five: Cluster some foliage and elements on/above the far left photo

Step six: add a title below the far left photo

almost there, on step left!
Step Seven: add any extra details you think the layout needs, add your shadows and date it.

You have until 9pm est to post and receive the mini kit!
Save and upload here and in the Speed Scrap Gallery. Prizes will be sent out tomorrow. (Make sure you upload here to get the prize)
Thank you for playing along! I had fun, and I hope you love your layout, I can't wait to see them!!!
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