So, in case you weren't aware, my hubby and I decided it was time to add onto our house. We broke ground towards the end of May with an addition that is adding 2 bedrooms and an office with a full basement. We are pretty much doubling the size of our house. Fast forward to mid June. We got to the point where we needed to tie in the roof line of the new addition to the existing house. (We are doing the work - not a contractor). So, we checked the weather and all appeared to be a go. So, ahead we went. But unfortunately Mother Nature decided otherwise. Two days after we cut away part of the roof on the existing house Mother Nature hit us with an incredibly nasty storm where we got about 4 inches of rain in 3 hours. Needless to say, Mother Nature ALWAYS wins. No matter what we did, it ended up raining inside our house. We figured we accumulated about 1 inch of standing water both upstairs and down. Water was coming out for EVERYWHERE - the wall, all light fixtures, from the floor (after running down the walls). So, instead of simply adding an addition, we are pretty much getting a whole new house. We had to completely gut our house all the way down to the studs. The entire house (except 2 bedrooms rooms and 2 bathrooms) were affected. Needless to say, since June 21 we have been living at my parents (me, my hubby, 3 kids and the dog). I am so ready to go back home. We are about 3-4 weeks away, so the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter.

Here's our step closer..... we are almost ready for paint!!! Today we picked the colors. All the drywall work is scheduled to be done by the end of tomorrow. Fingers are crossed that they can start painting the end of the this week (if contractor is available). Next will come trim then floors. Once the floors are in, we'll be moving back home!!!! Even if we aren't done!!! I'm really excited and thought I'd share it all of you.