Oh Lord! I'm glad they're near you and not me! Plus, I'd rather spend my money here! I've never manually scrapped. I can see how that would be just as, if not more addicting than digiscrapping! I use tap a talk on my iPhone as well! I forgot the name until you mentioned it. There was another app I downloaded for forums but I can't think of that name either offhand! I had a Dr appointment near you today but it was a last minute walk-in thing & I didn't know till last minute! What software do you use/ prefer? I am literally on my last day of this free trial of pse 11 and will need to purchase something right away! I haven't really tried any other program but this & I'm getting used to this program (day by day). I'm wondering if theres something better or suggested if I'll mainly be using it for my scrapping addiction!?
I'm thinking of taking some online classes to show me how to do any & everything, I've been watching you Tube tutorials and so far I've learned somethings but I think I need something more structured like-in steps, from starting off in ps or pse all the way, so I can continue learning n grow my skills! Do you know much about Hummie's World? Sorry for all the questions!lol ~Paula xo