I just recently posted this for our cookies in our thread...This is non political...but simply a human reaction to a very serious trauma that innocent people are facing

"Dear cookies...I don't usually make a plea of this kind, but the situation across the ocean is very dangerous..and one of our own(ricki) is very near to the center of it..I believe in the power of prayer..so i am sending out my own email prayer request to all on my contact list...(hopefully, you will as well )....may we all send up prayers that this evil is be erradicated and averted..I will make no apologies for this request..If you are not a praying person..simply send good thoughts to the people in that area, that they may be safe...(ps... we are not that far away either)..the world is a sad place"..

We have many GS members all over the world ..please keep them all in your thoughts..as some are going through very stressful times