We are in the chatroom!!! Come join us!!!!!

Step 1: choose 1 photo that makes you laugh!

Step 2: Choose 1 'solidish' (faint pattern or solid) paper for your background and 2 vibrant papers to make into squares/rectangles and layer them under your photo. You can place them where ever you like, but in a stack

Step 3: Choose at least 12 different ellies... be sure to repeat a few too. Cluster them around your photo.

Step 4: If you didn't use them in Step 3, either replace 2 of your ellies or ADD some glitter and a frame. Do NOT use the frame around your photo. Use it in a different way... as a mat, element, journal box etc...

Step 5: Now its time to drive you crazy!!! Take EVERYTHING on your LO (except the background paper) and shove it off to 1 side of your page!!! You must have everything on only 1/3 of the page!

Step 6: add a title and a couple sentences of journaling

Step 7: add anything else your LO needs.. rock your shadows, upload to the gallery and THIS thread!! Try to leave a little love!

You all can take til 11am tomorrow to finish, cause I'm heading off to bed!