right now i do not have the energy to go into it all...but if u r looking at this i'm guessing your furbabies r just that...your BABIES! i got some bad news about one of mine today....he is 12 and has some major back issues from age but apparently from going down the stairs or jumping off the couch cracked a vertebrae. no surgery will work but we r TRYING to help all the pain (if not...well you know, i can't say the words)

he can not get on the couch and the floor is too hard so i'm going to find him a dog bed but was wondering if anyone knew of a good brand for orthopedic issues (preferably with odor protection) something u or someone u know has tried and is worth the money. i'd like to find him a mini couch but probably asking too much there.
chew resistant would be nice too as the other dogs r gonna wanna eat it.