Really? The practice tests are harder? This is great news. I actually splurged and bought the actual study guide made by ETS that creates the PRAXIS II test. Our state switched to the multiple subject test this past year because it goes along better with the new common core. I actually think the practice tests are a lot more practical now that I have dived into each subject individually. I am getting between 70-85% on each of the practice tests so I think I am improving. Yes, we have called the department of the university and yes, it is required to "attempt" it before the end of August. While retaking it sounds doable, the costs just climb with every failed portion. Considering teachers make such a high salary , and I am borrowing student loans for this grandiose master's degree, I'd really like to pass as much of it as possible on the first try to save some $$$. I think Common Core is really turning everything upside down. While I do approve of the content (it is good content) and it does promote higher-order thinking, it's really changing the face of education and how we teach teachers to teach. Testing is trying to play catch-up as well. I do not approve of Common Core on a federal and political level but for our state, the content is nearly the same as before with a lot more real-life practical applications. I don't feel kids will be able to say "when in my life will I ever use this?" like I did. While that will hold true for some people and some subjects, the math and science especially are becoming more realistic and practical with mostly word problems. I can see how it is requiring higher-order thinking.

Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement...even if no one really helped me with test prep ideas! I love and miss you all! Please note in the gallery that I have accomplished my SECOND page of 2013! It feels so good to be creative in the midst of such stressful situations.