I need some help ASAP!!!! Once upon a time I was on the team here at GS and had to resign due to starting a Masters degree 18 months ago. For many Master's of Education students, they get a certain number of electives to choose from. For those of us who are not already licensed teachers, we don't get any electives, we get a very quick crash course into teaching methods. I am about to apply to student teach and applications are due in 3 weeks. Rules have recently changed and I just found out that I have exactly 2.5 weeks to take the PRAXIS II. I am literally freaking out! I took pretests and apparently I will only pass the math portion. More reason to freak out. I had originally planned to take it October and felt 2 months would give me enough time to prepare. 2 weeks though? Ugh!

Does anyone have any ideas? I just finished the summer semester from HE--! I seriously thought I was going to get to scrap (only been able to do 3 pages all this year!) and refuel my creativity. I am so so so bummed out.

Please help?