Hi there! I am brand spankin' new to Gingerscraps!! This is my second post, after taking a lookie-loo and voting on the layouts of the week. There were some seriously awesome pages there!!!

My name is Kimberly and I live in the Bay Area. West Coast all my life from Oregon to Los Angeles!! I have what many would consider an abnormal addiction to digi scrapping. But I have a sneaking suspicion that I may have found a few kindred spirits here.

I hope you don't mind, but I find great entertainment in these little smilies. They make me giggle.. Well, maybe not quite that much.

Let's see, a little about me. I am learning to take my camera off auto and that's been pretty cool. I have a ton more to learn but it's been fun to see the progress and I get so excited when it's time to edit the pictures. Sometimes (well, often) I surprise myself.

I have 2 kiddos. And when they aren't bickering with each other , they are pretty cool. My son is 16 and getting ready to get his license and my daughter starts high school next month. She's super duper over the moon excited she made the cheer team and I'm sure you will see many cheer pages from me. I have two crazy dogs and they make their way into the layouts as well.

I suffer from the affliction/disorder MSATP. If you look it up in the medical books, it will describe the serious issue of MUST SCRAP ALL THE PICTURES. It was all fine and good when I took maybe 200 pictures in a year, but it is causing SERIOUS issues now that I can take 200 pictures in 10 minutes. Throw into the mix the iPhone and Instragram pictures and man o'man I just want to crawl into a hole.
Nevertheless, I will not give up. Slow and steady, I keep making pages!

Next up ... making a siggie. But I better go finish a page first!! By the way, these little guys just crack me up!!! Have a great week everyone!!