Hi everyone,
I've only been scrapping for a few months now, but I am hopelessly addicted. I've been helping my teenage daughter learn about it this year for 4H, but I'm the one that ended up hooked! I love to take pictures and always have. My kids still at home (daughter age 16, son who will be 13 in May) school from home, so we are home doing schoolwork all day some days and other days we have classes outside the home. We are (obviously) active in 4H as well. I love to read, especially mysteries and sci-fi/fantasy novels. I can crochet (but don't, lol) and tried to teach myself to knit, but couldn't catch the knack of it. I quilted a lot when my youngest was little, then put it all away when I started getting too much "kid help" from him.

I am diabetic and have been trying to be healthy, work out and eat in a healthy manner for about 3 years now. I've spent the past year sick and have regained too much of the weight that I lost so I need some positive creativity for balance in my life. I am hoping to journal via digital scrapbooking my path to better health again.

Yabby is a real life friend of mine and she suggested this website, and as usual, I have much to thank her for. I am looking forward to getting to know folks here.

aka jsuarez