Beautiful Creatures- March discussion thread!

I'm going to be taking care of the book club from now on Thank you JoyLynn for hosting for all these months! I hope you can still play along with us! And recommend books for the polls!!

I may find a designer to be my co-host, as I have never hosted a book club before and I don't know exactly how to keep it interesting. lol

I was not able to find and list of book club questions online- so I will try to think of a few, and if you have any please post them, I can add them to the top list and we can all discuss as we would like to.

General Questions-

  1. Did you like Beautiful Creatures?
  2. Who was you favorite character?
  3. If you could pick a perfect actor or actress to play your favorite character in the book, who would they be?
  4. What do you think happened to Ethanís mother? What makes you think this?
  5. What is going on with Ethanís dad? Do you think anything can help him?
  6. What was the most difficult thing you went through as a teenager?
  7. Which character do you think your more like and why?