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    Default Any Blogger users?? HELP!

    I want to add an HTML background code and it isn't working. I added a background before by adding a HTML widget; but now when I try to change it nothing happens. SO frustrated! ANyone have any tips?

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    Default Re: Any Blogger users?? HELP!

    Lynn, could be the code you are trying to use doesn't work with the widget.
    Try adding the code without the widget.
    Maybe remove the widget and retry.
    Just a thought from a little HTML knowledge.

    Hope it works out! Blogger has changed quite a bit since I last used it so I'm not so familiar with it these days.

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    Default Re: Any Blogger users?? HELP!

    ah hummm its been awhile since i updated mine, but i think you can use the Template Maker that they have now and add your own photo for the background

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    Default Re: Any Blogger users?? HELP!

    yes, what rachel said. when the "new" blogger came out, it messed up a lot of the coding that used to work. you can use the template designer to upload an image (tiled repeat patterns work the best) below is the code that i used to use for adding a background image: you might try it and see if it works in an html widget: i have found that the "new" photobucket is the reason that these codes don't work as well. no way to tell it how big to make the images when uploading anymore. your background image cannot exceed a certain size or it will load smaller. if that makes any sense at all.

    (change the no-repeat to repeat if you have a tiled image)

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    Default Re: Any Blogger users?? HELP!

    hmmm...i have always had to change my background image by updating the image url in the actual html code itself.
    yes, first upload image to photobucket (or whatever) and then update that image link in the code.
    my particular coding for the background image is located before this part in the code:
    a:visited {

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