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    Default Craft Swap: May 2013 (Mother's Day) SIGN UP!

    Hello ladies!

    We're at it again. The Craft Swap seems to be pretty popular around here so I'm here to get the next one started early so we have plenty of time to get something crafted. Many of you had fun participating in the last two swaps so now is your chance to participate in the next one, if you're interested, and give some newbies an opportunity to sign up as well. Our next theme is Mother's Day, which is Sunday, May 12th. That gives up plenty of time to get a craft created and mailed! While I know not everyone playing is a mother, but we're all women and what woman doesn't love a handmade gift!?! So needless to say, you don't have to be a mother to participate.

    Craft Swap Guidelines

    1. Craft cap is $10
    2. Craft MUST be handmade by you.
    3. All crafts must be sent out by Wednesday, May 1st in order to get to the recipient in time for May 12th.
    4. If you feel you cannot finish your craft in time to be mailed, then DO NOT SIGN UP. Be 200% sure you can participate before saying yes.
    5. Don't stress about making the perfect craft. Do something fun and remember, it's the little things in life that mean the most. ;)

    If you need ideas for a craft, check out Pinterest to get some ideas. The ideas are endless.

    If you're in, reply to this thread. The deadline for signing up be April 1st (and that's no joke)

    When signing up, please write if you are a mother or not. If you are a mother it doesn't mean you're craft will definitely have anything to do with being a mother, but it may help the crafter who gets your name decide what to make you.

    Additional note: feel free to add any additional favorites such as colors, scents, hobbies, etc...

    Signed Up
    Barbara - Nutsaboutgabe
    Missi - Missdamsel
    Jacque - Jacque
    Em - emscraps
    Melissa - melissavt
    Ginger - GingerScraps
    Sarah - Sarah
    Kathy - kl.winters
    Kim - ScrapinMama
    Lisa - sladd79054
    Jessica - scrapjrlgcp
    Julie - Juliemomof4
    Sandy - SandyPie
    Rachel - Harmonystar
    Wendy - wtunison
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