please let me say first that our loved ones r always the most important to us and those miracles are the best!!

but my miracle is one i think that all scrappers can understand. when u see disasters and stuff...after family, friends and pets people risk their lives for the family photos. we just do as they r truly or link to our loved ones.

i am actually one of those people who backs up ALL my stuff as i have lost stuff in the past. unfortunately for me...i had a backup drive just die prematurely for no reason. after spending time with a legitimate HD recovery company it was determined that my drive would need to go into the 'clean room'. this meant apprx. $1000. there was a lot i did not care about BUT that was only one of my backups and on that drive i kept ALL my videos. All 4 kids graduations etc. i have been crying about this since oct.

i use internal drives for backup as they r more stable (usually) after trying everything i thought it had been removed from my computer and didn't think anything of it again until i could come up with that much money.

over the weekend i did a reboot and then was looking at my space left on my other drives and backups to determine how much i needed to toss because i was out of room...when i noticed a drive with quite a bit of space. took me a minute but i realized it was my broken back up drive!!!!!!!! i walked away from the computer and went and found a good deal on an external HD (3T for $95) and told DH to RUN to the store after work and pick it up.

after several days i was able to not only save all my videos (and they r not corrupt) as well as all my music and other stuff. every single bit of it. so i now have it all saved with xtra storage and will be buying another one in a few months that will but copied over and put in a safe.

to me...this was a miracle