Come and Speed Scrap with me Saturday March 2 at 9 PM Central! Hope you can join me We will be in the chat room. I will try to post the steps here as soon as I can too. You will have until 9 am Sunday March 3 to complete your layout and get a coupon to my store. Please post/link your layouts in this thread as well so we can all enjoy them.

step 1: Pick out 6-7 papers and 2-3 photos
step 2: Make one paper your background paper. Take the rest of the papers and keeping them aligned- distribute them over at least 1/3 of your page. You can do this straight, or try turning the stack of papers at a 45 degree angle and get a kindof large triangle look
step 3: pick some frames and place your photos toward the middle of your page. You can cluster them, or line them up or tuck a corner of them under one or two of your paper layers
step 4: pick some elements (at least 5) and tuck them around your photos or use them to pin your photos and frames down
step 5: (last step) pick a title and journal if you like, add shadows and finishing touches to your page. Save and upload to the gallery and forum thread for us to enjoy too