Hi Everyone! My name is Becki. I'm 26, been married for 6.5 years now and have a 15 mo old (very active) little boy. I'm relatively new to the digital scrapbooking world. I started scrapbooking when I was in my teens but hated the mess/clean up afterwards and eventually just quit. Now that I have a little one and have TONS of pictures. I was trying to get them all organized in ways that I liked using Shutterfly and my sister told me I was crazy and should just start scrapping them digitally instead. So, I tried it out (this past December) and fell in love. I use Craft Artist which I know isn't the norm but really like the program and it fit my budget. It is also what my sister uses so she was able to help me learn the ropes. I'm a sucker for challenges and just love them so when I came across this community/forum and looked at some of the challenges you have I was excited to join.