<!--cached-Wed, 20 Feb 2013 22:48:30 +0000-->1 ~ URGENT PRAYERS NEEDED PLEASE

Our friends N & J W....... (for privacy reasons) have just had a little baby girl named "Harriot Faith W......." last week & she's been in intensive care ever since apart from one day...

Harriot's only drinking from a bottle occassionally & now on a drip the poor little darling... This is their first baby!... & Harriot needs a quite a lot of extensive tests being done on her today 18/2/13 on such a small babe...

Please pray that they may find out what the problem is & that it can be fixed & for comfort & support for the parents & family

*A special quote from a friend once... "Everytime you think of someone, it's like a little whispered prayer"... Let's continue these little whispered prayers today for baby Harriot Faith W....... with Love

2 ~ UPDATE ~ URGENT PRAYERS - still needed for baby Harriet please... still NO change this morning... still in intensive care on a drip the poor little darling =(

Will keep you posted here

3 ~ UPDATE ~ URGENT PRAYERS - still needed for baby Harriet... the MRI tests have found a mark on the lower part of the brain & a deformity between that & the spine & they're still doing tests & waiting on a specialist... The test could take weeks are this is a rare finding... "One Day of the Time..." We haven't seen her, it would be too upsetting ~ but what the poor little darling must be going through

4 ~ UPDATE ~ URGENT PRAYERS STILL NEEDED PLEASE ~ for dear little baby Harriet... we spoke to Harriet's grandfather last night & he said that she's still having more tests... which could go on for weeks yet The Dr's & family know what it is but they won't tell us all at church ~ as when you look up the details they are always Worse... but he said poor little Harriet has had several lumbar punctures & that her dear young Mother held her for a short time yesterday much to her relief

Thanks so much for your continued prayers & comments - they will be later conveyed to the family

5 ~ UPDATE & Prayers still needed ~ Baby Harriet is still the same... there is still NO name to it & she was a little weaker over the weekend Her loving parents have been at the hospital for a week now & now had to leave... Go back to their home 1/2 hr away ALONE ! They now have to travel to see her , Plus you can just imagine the heartache going home without her Her young loving parents are missing her terribly while at home without her... Please continue praying for them all : (

6 ~ UPDATE & prayers still needed for Baby Harriet as she is still the same Her loving parents are still desperately missing her while they are at home without her... so much trauma... Harriet was baptised on Saturday 2nd of March at the hospital But Harriet is still on a drip as she hasn't got the strength to suck properly yet which is a big worry to them too Thanks so much for your prayers & thoughts

7 ~ UPDATE still PRAYERS needed for dear little baby Harriet - as there is still NO change - she's still on a drip She is getting nourishment through this & putting on a little weight If she moves in her cot alot she gets exhausted (as if she'd run a marathon!) & still now sucking... please pray that she will learn somehow to suck so she can straight from her Mother. so much for your prayers & continued thoughts

8 ~ UPDATE ~ We haven't had the opportunity to hear much about Harriet as we've been away but the lastest news is that she's still the same but the good news is that she's at home with all the oxygen ++++ there with her... we haven't heard if they have a nurse helping but they would feel better with her at home now... Thanks so much for your continued prayers.

9 ~ UPDATE ~ Harriet has a feeding tube into her little nose We saw her for the first time yesterday at church! Please continue to pray that she will eventually learn to suck so she can keep growing in the normal way. so much for your continued prayers

10 ~ UPDATE ~ Little Harriet & her mother weren't out today so I asked her father & gave him something for his wife - a little gift from Melb He said little Harriet was still the same & still feeling week

11 ~ UPDATE ~ Sorry for the long delay in this new update as I've had computer troubles etc, etc... Little baby Harriet is now at home putting on a little weight you can mainly see it in her lovely little face She still has be fed through a tube The tube is up her little sore nose & taped to her right cheek... the cord is very long & some how she grabs hold of it & pulls it & then screams when she pulls it off Her young loving Mother & Father know how to put the tape back to secure the tube back into position but it hurts & it's always a big session for them all Please continue to pray for them as they continue through this testing time... I thank you for them for your continued prayers

12 ~ As per this update #11, with the feeding tube that is taped across her cheek extra... Harriet is having an operation today to change that feeding tube today from her nose to her tummy {I have worked with disabled children, when they couldn't feed themselves & you had to feed them through their tummy... it is still quite stressful for all concerned but I found out if you kept the child occupied with look at something else while you were feeding them & then after it was all finished etc... they would give you a big "SMILE" } So please continue to pray for this young family & the skills of the doctors... We thank you again for your continued prayers!!
Update 12 ~ Harriet's operation was successful & as far as we know she is now doing well... sorry I haven't been back I've been in hospital too with Pneumonia Please continue your prayers for Harriet & her family