I just wanted to say that. It's 11pm here in the greatest timezone ever [Central], so it's still V-Day here!!

I just HAD to show the flowers that my husband got me. Let me preface it with my husband supports my addiction to taking pictures of thing, and found me the PERFECT things for me to take pictures of!!

He found me dyed daisies! Daisies are my favorite flower! He told me that there were a variety of bunches, but that he wanted me to have ones with the most variety of color

He also told me that there were pastel Gerberas, which he knows is like my SECOND favorite daisy [first is the Shasta], but that they were too pale to him.

So, with blue fingers [cutting to fit into the Margaritaville cup that a friend sent me, which my flowers match PERFECTLY], I'm just sitting and going "oh, I love him!"

Now, I want to know ... What did YOU get for Valentine's Day? Even if it was just a day off, or kitty/puppy snuggles, it counts!!