I have a kindergartener and two preschoolers (all boys), so there are three Valentine parties coming up. I do have three packages of store bought Valentines, but I was thinking I'd like to do something more creative than that. I don't think there is anything wrong with the store bought ones. I loved those myself as a kid. I may end up going that route, but I want to explore my options first.

I saw a really cute idea that someone did in their PS/photo editing software. They took a photo of their child and then the child glued one googly eye in the middle of their photo (so they looked like a Cyclops, and made for a lot of laughs). The sentiment said, "Valentine I have my eye on you." I think my kids would love that. The problem is that my 2 three year olds are in the same class and I think I'd like their Valentines to look different. Although it probably doesn't matter too much.

I really love this idea too, but it might mean spending more than I'd like to (and again the two kids in the same class problem arises)

credit: http://www.dandee-designs.com/2010/0...alentines.html

So... what are your kids taking to school for Valentines Day? Are you going to/ have you made something? Are you doing store bought?

If you've seen any neat and interesting ideas for Valentines I'd love to see