ok so a shameless way to get u to check out this post but just couldn't resist.
truly this is just to let everyone know what's been going on with me (specifically those who have sent me pms that i have NOT returned...i have not forgotten u and will get back) AND not giving details as i know u really don't care LOL

many of u know i'm having internet issues...well we r upgrading to new equipement that should be more reliable and faster in the next couple weeks (waiting for my appt.) its hard to post or return an im when it takes up to 5 minutes to load a page)

also many of u know that i have suffered DAILY (not a joke not one day has passed that i have NOT had a headache in almost 6 yrs now...and the meds only keep my out of the ER not out of pain) 11 days ago i had some treatments and while i was afraid to jinx it (hopefully don't now either) i have been 11 STRAIGHT DAYS WITH NO HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have had these treatments 9 times in the past and they failed...only God knows why so far they have worked this time...but i don't care WHY...i just care its working. (i thought i'd live my life out this way and so did the dr's)

however, while i was not on Opiates of any kind...the long term use of the headache meds and hi doses has caused some very short term side effects after going off of them (not withdrawal...more like a shock) its ok it will be fine and i'm being treated but it is still keeping my under the weather and hard to do things. BUT this time i KNOW ITS TEMPORARY

so i'm not gone or hiding and i'll be back in a very short time...and yes i post occasionally...but my life is looking up for the first time in a LONG time...so please be patient...

and yes i want to yell it from the rooftops

and yes this is the condensed version without details LMAO!!!