I was going to pm this to Lydia and then i realized how many people have said they have the same issues but have been avoiding surgery...so wanted to share this with YOU or if u have family members.

so many people know that i have SEVERE sinus issues. i have had 2 surgeries already (first one was horrible but second one i had a better dr. and was relatively easy) I live in a never ending spiral of sinus headaches/ ear pain/ throat pain etc. i am also allergic to ALL pain meds (opiates) and recently had a severe reaction to SUCCS (succsycolyne (SP) which is one of the drugs used to knock your butt out. i pretty much live on antibiotics which is NOT good. yes i do all the things both medically and naturally like the netti pot (which is awesome) but i was born with extremely small sinus passages (hereditary) and have allergies.

so was at the ENT yesterday (and for now on antibiotics again UNTIL...) while he won't discuss what we are going to do just yet...we r waiting for sinus CT since its been over 3 yrs since my last one (and he also has to see if my deviated septum has gotten to the point of needing fixing) but we will be doing some things for this just not sure of the direction YET.

i have heard many of u say u or a loved one needed but were putting it off due to pain, packing etc. first their is a newer surgery that does not need packing and is virtually pain free (this was my last one 2 yrs ago) while this surgery is MOSTLY permanent...there r times where u can get scar tissue (specially if this is something your body does like mine) or they can fall etc.

so i wanted to share this with you. it is something we r looking into...and while i was given the brief info i wanted to share the website with u. it is a balloon they place in your sinuses where needed and inflated. it is the same as the balloons they use for clogged arteries. it is easy, painfree, and done under local anethsia in the dr's office USUALLY...and u can usually resume regular activities the same DAY! so if u have been putting this off...check it out. i am not a sponsor and get no money...i just know the suffering and being afraid of the older procedures.