Goodness, itís been getting cold, then a warm snap, and then BOOM, cold again here in Kansas. Iím shivering, it seems, all day. Thankfully, while not getting too hot, the computer adds a little bit of warmth. Too bad itís not a laptop, or Iíd have a nice built-in little heater.

At least the cold gives me a nice excuse to stay inside and scrap. I can scrap about my hope for the warmer temperatures, and my dreams for how I want to spend my Spring Break. Can you BELIEVE how fast January is going? Weíre already at the LAST Fresh Baked newsletter for January. Thereís some big news coming MONDAY, so keep an eye out for that, but next Friday will be February 01! :O Iím not so sure how I feel about this time going by so fast. Iím ready for a break from it. Whoís with me?

Well, nothing I can do about it for now. Instead, Iíll just spend my time ogling over the beautiful layouts that Iím finding in the gallery. I always have the hardest time choosing which ones to showcase. I love the struggle though! It makes it fun!! This week, I chose one layout using the Hopes and Dreams buffet and two using the new January Monthly Mix, Winter Romance. Itís such a beautiful and sweet kit! I canít get enough of it personally!

This beautiful layout was created by scrapjrlgcp. I just love the naked baby bum. Such a sweet and happy little boy! That grin is just infectious!

Another layout by scrapjrlgcp. I swear I didnít know it when I chose them. I didnít even LOOK at the creators of the layouts. I just saw the GORGEOUS blend and I had to share it!

A layout from sladd79054. I chose this because I know that face. Iíve seen that face on my own son. The cluster work on this is just amazing. So beautifully done. Iím super jealous because I cannot cluster like that!

Before I get to the beautiful new goodies, I just want to remind you about the Retirement Sale happening at Gingerscraps.

Oh, and before you go, another awesome sale you should check out:

Youíve only got a few more days for this deal! Sale ends January 31st.

I think thatís it. I have to go do some planning for my Girl Scouts meeting. We missed a meeting because of the flu running through the whole school like mad, and I have to figure out how to combine two meetings into one without overwhelming the littles! Theyíre only Daisies. See you Monday for that important announcement and see you next Friday with a whole new round of new things!

Have a great weekend!