Hi All,

If I seem a bit MIA or scattered-brain recently it's because that I have been facing with flooding problems the past few days. Some of you might already be aware of this but I just thought to share my complete story with you all.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and we have been having traffics, flooding problem for a while now. Flooding is actually nothing new to use. Our home had been flooded in 2002 and 2007 and there have always been smaller floods (just on the road but didn't enter our house).

Well, 2013 seemed to be another big flood year. To make the story short our house was flooded starting Jan 15th (Tuesday). We evacuated to a local hotel because there was no electricity and clean water. My family and I spent around 5 days in the hotel and just returned home yesterday.

My house is actually being renovated to make the 1st floor higher so there wasn't too much damage. We're all safe and sound but just a bit displaced and busy cleaning up.

Here are the story of the flood if you are interested to read: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stori...248788/1/.html

And here are some photos. I am proud to say that I still kept up with my p365.

This is my Grandma's house, you can see how high the water is.

This is the road and houses in front of my house.

The good news is that I brought my laptop and all the essential gadgets so at least I wasn't too bored in the hotel and could get some designing done.

Aftermath: Some of the furniture was ruined and very smelly. They've been cleaned and scrubbed and now aired to dry and to try to get rid of the flooding smell. This was my Aunt's house, which is right next to ours.