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We take pride in making GingerScraps, The Friendliest Place in DigiScrap Land! Sit back, relax, chat about life, or challenge yourself with one of our many monthly challenges! Join us for weekly Speed Scraps. We also host the Official Scrapping Survivor!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to get all your digital pictures onto a scrapbook page?
Do you love the idea of having the power to make all your creative dreams come true right on your computer!?

With digital scrapbooking you can let your creativity run wild while preserving and showcasing your memories.
I started scrapping about 16 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. Of course it was traditional paper scrapping. I was hooked immediately!! I love everything about scrapping. I took the leap into digital scrapbooking about 7 years ago- At first I was sure I would still paper scrap as well. But as I have gotten more and more into digi I am absolutely in love with it!! It is so exciting to challenge myself and learn new techniques. What I love the most is that Digi has no limits- I feel like anything I dream up I can put into a scrap page.
I decided to open GingerScraps- an online digital scrapbooking community to share my love of this wonderful craft. We have now grown into a full service scrapbooking site!

  • The Blog with weekly craft project posts, recipes, contests.... and much more
  • Forum for asking questions and reading tutorials as well as developing friendships
  • Shop- where you can purchase "Fresh Baked" Scrapbooking goodies year around
  • Gallery- where you can post and share with the community all you creations
  • Printing Service- upload any projects you make and have them printed and shipped right to your door

Places to make note of on the Forum:

  • Introduce Yourself here- Start a thread and tell us all about yourself We cant wait to personally welcome you to our family!
  • Everyday Chatter- Post about anything. Your rants, raves, family news...whatever you want to share.
  • Baker's Best- This is where YOU get to nominate Layouts for Layout Of The Week! Here at GingerScraps we like to let everyone nominate and vote for our Layout Of The Week!
  • Layout Of The Week- Come on vote and .. check to see if your LO is nominated!!
  • GingerScraps News and Announcements- This is where you can find all the FreshBaked Goodies, Sneak Peeks, Specials, Sales, and GiveAways
  • GingerScraps Cookbook- Calls, Suggestion Box, Tutorials, Help section
  • Challenges- Speed Scraps, And all of our Yummy Challenges to get your creative going!

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