Without telling me, my DH downgraded our internet speed to the. slowest. they. sell.
So, how do I find out? I click on the Download Links for Winter Romance, the Monthly Mix (<---- go check out the kit if you haven't yet!), and OMG, it says "1 hour" to DL one of the links (I'd clicked on 3...the other 2 said like 30 minutes each). So I just grumble to DH "What the heck? Why is this so slow?!" And he just shrugs and says "Oh, I downgraded our internet. It's not a big deal." NOT A BIG DEAL?! I'm an impatient woman. Very impatient. I don't have an hour to wait for stuff to DL when it used to take like 3 minutes to DL! So, if I'm not around, it's because I'm selling plasma, a kidney, and whatever else I can so that we can get our 1.3MB/sec speed back! lol