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Now that Kathy has her wreath I can share my woe is me story! I knew right away what I wanted to do. I bought the stuff and got it home and it hit me that they way I had planned WOULDN'T WORK!! Yikes now what to do. SO I figured it out and got it done. Turned out ok. (I did one with pink ribbons for my friend who had a double mastecomy, it was on her door when she came home from the hospital.)

So I get ready to mail it, can't find the mailing paper anywhere, so I plan to pick some up. I go by the post office to get the postage so that once it is wrapped I can just drop it off. I wait in line, get to the front and crap! I can't find Kathy's addy anywhere, so off to the side to look in my app for the pm with it. Back in line with the address and I get to the front CRAP! My purse is in the car and therefore no way to pay! lol Back out to the car and the third times a charm!! lol

It almost became my door decoration! lol
That's funny, Missi. I had a similar trip to the post office recently. I was sending out some vinyl lettering to a customer and I got about halfway to the post office and it popped into my head that, hey I don't even know where this package is going despite the fact that I created the mailing label. So I glanced over to the car seat next to me and read the name and address. Crap! I knew right away that I had not changed the address on my mailing label form and I was about to send this off to the last customer that had ordered from me. So, I turn around, go all the way back home. Re-do the mailing label and off to the post office I go. I stand in line for what feels like eternity only to have the clerk tell me that the system doesn't recognize the zip code. Crap! Now I'm thinking, don't tell me I have to go all the way back home because I'm liable to go "postal" right here in the lobby. Thankfully, she looked up the zip code for me and we made the correction on the label. Some days, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.