I'm Krissy, a 33 year old data entry pharmacy tech from Pittsburgh. I'm brand new to scrapping, but I'm a newly minted Aunt who will basically only see pictures of her nephew for several years so I decided I might as well put the time staring them to good use. And I'm sure I could scrap the fur babies around here. I really am brand new. I'm working on installing the software now (and it's old. I need to update. I tried to start a couple years ago but was laid low by overtime and gluten. Now that everything is once again in more or less working order, I'm determined to do it. (And there is that whole nephew thing...) In my misguided youth (okay, only 10 or so years ago) I did some graphicing but I don't remember any of it. Plus it was with Paint Shop Pro.

As for me, I have a Maine Coon named Penny. I read, am a wannabe knitter, and am trying to learn to cook (especially to cook gluten free). I am also, as I'm sure you can tell, very much on the wordy side. I look forward to getting to know you all (except Sarah - I already know her ) and *finally* learning to scrap!