Hello ladies!

Many of you had fun participating in the Fall/Holiday Craft Swap and wanted to do it again, so here we are!

This time around we're going to do it a smidge different, and hope that it might also make it easier on everyone.

Don't consider them rules but guidelines. ;)

1. Craft cap is $10
2. Craft MUST be Valentine themed: this way no one will have to struggle with "oh no, what am I going to do?!" Don't worry, I'll even throw in some suggestions and ideas at the end of this post.
3. All crafts must be sent out by Monday February 4th in order to get to the recipient in time for Valentine's day.
4. If you feel you cannot finish your craft in time to be mailed, then DO NOT SIGN UP. Be 200% sure you can participate before saying yes yes.
5. If you cannot think of a valentine "craft", then just make a Valentine! I don't know about you, but here in this house we don't do much in the way of Valentine's Day so just getting a hand made card in the mail would be SUPER LOVELY! Remember, it's the little things in life. ;)

Now, some inspiration if you find yourself stuck! A while back there was a hybrid challenge - I can no longer access it, but here is a link to an outside blog explaining how to make Glass Stone Magnets. You can get most of the supplies you need at the dollar store, as far as the paper, clip from a magazine if you haven't any scrap paper! Remember make it Valentine themed.

photo credit: blog source linked above

I also found this on Pinterest:

(can't find source credit )

Which would be almost FREE to make! That's MY kind of craft! Especially on a budget. I might just make one of these for everyday because it's so cute.

How about something edible and awesome! Valentine themed: it's PINK! and delicious.
Find the three ingredient recipe HERE.

Seriously, Pinterest folks, and if you don't have a Pinterest account then there is your friend Google. Remember, don't over think! Keep things simple, fun, awesome! Your recipient will be happy with ANYTHING, because it's the thought that counts- I know cliche, but think about it... it's true. So true.

So, now, that you've read through my schpeal, say YAY! if you're in! I'll have the deadline for signing up be Tuesday the 15th, if that's too soon and not enough people are able to get to the thread in
time I may extend it an extra few days... but let's just say Tuesday January 15th for now.