Are you brave enough?
Come join us is a on going game of Truth or Dare.....Lets have some fun and laughs!!

We will mostly chat in the chat room, but we will use the forum to post pics. We usually try to have at least one truth or dare game during our major events. Keep an eye out for the next upcoming game! When we start a game, we will also start a new thread in this area with the date and time of that truth or dare game.

This is how Truth or Dare works-

  • Call out a person by name or just ask if anyone wants to play and see who takes the bait.
  • They can pick a Truth OR a Dare-
  • If they picked Truth- You will ask them a question that they have to answer truthfully.
  • It they pick dare- You will dare them to do something, this usually involves a photo or video to prove the dare was actually done.
  • Lets keep it clean though- This is for fun- anything that is in poor taste I will remove..... Beware.... I have been known to have a strange sense of humor....

If you are scared then just lurk and you will for sure have a good laugh!!!