Man, a day late and a dollar short, eh? Sorry I missed posting the discussion thread yesterday, but between my new semester of college starting, the NCAAF National Championship Game (ROLL TIDE!) and cleaning for the floor installer today, I don't think I sat down for more than a few minutes at a time yesterday! But, I'm excited about this month's book, and hoping someone's ready to discuss it with me!

So, who's picked up their copy of the book and dove into reading this month? I enjoyed the first book so much, I had to go and read the entire trilogy...but I'm so very anxious to hear what YOU think of the book!

Did you fall instantly in love with Finn (or maybe that was just me, lol)? What were your thoughts on Wendy's history - does the story of her past break your heart? Did some of the holes in plot lines and character development leave you twitching and ready to smack the author around a bit?

I want to know your thoughts on the story - good AND bad, so tell me what you think!