Okay, weíve had a few days to get used to it being 2013. Iíve already had to write it once on a check. Iím so proud of myself! I didnít mess up with it, either! Yay! Go me. Instead, I messed up on the month. I tried to say it was December 2013. Yeah, thatís a little too far into the future. Oh well!I still canít believe that itís truly 2013 though. Who has already abandoned those resolutions? Not me! Not yet. Give me time. Iím sure I will!

If youíre not planning on quitting them, make sure you check out the Hopes and Dreams buffet by the Gingerscraps designers! Keep track of those goals and achievements with a beautiful combination of blues, purples, and yellows! I seriously love this monthís buffet, and choosing layouts using it was not easy!

A Facebook timeline created by beckyroy. The cluster work on this is just amazing. I love it!

A beautiful layout created by Lisa. I donít know about anyone else, but that sounds like goals I have. I love the little floating flowers around, and use of white space.

Gorgeous layout created by Nickala27. I love reading about other peopleís ďwordĒ for the year. Hope is such a good one! Beautiful cluster work and use of the brads.
Remember, that when you spend $10 in the store, you get an amazing grab bag created by one of our amazing designers. Januaryís has been created by Laetitia, of Kawouette Designs, and it is just lovely!


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Before I let you go and raid the store, because I know you want to, Pixelily Designs is having a CT call. If you think it might be something youíd be a good fit for, make sure you apply!