first let me say...for ME this is not an issue i mind talking about in public but if for YOU it is please feel free to pm me.

so i have a few bumps that last forever but are biggest issue is the flushing. i use to have the sun kissed look which wasn't bad...but now it is severe like a major sunburn!!!!!!!!!!

i'm going shopping for something this weekend but not sure what works as NOTHING i have found so far does for covering or preventing.

i do NOT wear makeup often and would wear even less if i didn't have to cover the redness. i have tried everything from stores like Walgreen's to good ol clinique. i bought the whole clinique redness line about a year ago. it covers about 75% at FIRST. then within about an hour its useless and it ages me by making wrinkles and pores stand out. (NOT CHEAP)

i'm really looking for a good moisturizer and primer as those should do the most good but would also like some makeup for when i go out and stuff.

anyone who has some tips i'd love to hear from you