Hi All,

I am curious about your reading habits. Are you a fast reader? slow reader? Do you skim through the page? Look up words in dictionaries? Make notes and highlights? Etc.

I am actually trying to change my reading habit. I think that I have a bad reading habit. LOL. I have a tendency to skim through the story really quickly in order to know the ending. I just HAVE to know the ending. Sometimes I will even take a peek at the ending first. Which I actually hate doing because it does kind of ruin the fun and suspense of reading but I just can't help it!

I always thought that I'll go back to read the book more slowly and thoroughly after I more or less know that plot and what's going on but 90% of the time I move on to the next book.

I am really hoping that by joining this book club, I'll read more thoroughly and really consider the tiny details in the book and not just read to know the plot and ending. That's definitely a bad habit that I need to change.