It occurred to me today that I have been lurking around here posting in the gallery and absorbing info, and I haven't even properly introduced myself! (GASP! what would my Granny say about my manners)
Anyway.... a little about me.

My name is Melissa, I use that crazy screen name "pankerbelle" because my very best friend started calling me that the night before I moved to Germany as she was trying to stuff herself in my suitcase. She cried and said they aren't ready for a "pankerbelle" .......The pank is the way southerners say pink ( my all time fav color) and belle is from the south.

I started digi scrapping about a month ago, I had tried many times over the years to paper scrap only to discover my DH was much better at it than me LOL.
When I'm not trying desperately to fill my mind with digi knowledge, I am a mother to 3 gorgeous girls 16, 14 and 10. I also do freelance floral design, and I love that! I am married to a full time Soldier and I am more than proud of him. We have lived all over the place and it has been great! My only regret is him being gone most of the past 6 years!