No Nook, Kindle, or Library access? No worries! You can still get in on the fabulous free-ness and enjoy the books right along with us! Don't rule out the book club just because you don't have an e-reader. Though not all of the books we read will be free ones, it's still possible to read digital books on your computer!

For kindle book formats you can use Kindle 4 PC. It's a simple install and you can get it here:

get Kindle for MAC here:

NOOK has all kinds of apps and they have a PC download as well as a MAC download on this page:

There is also a FREE program called calibre ( that will convert any book to any format you want or need.

I use my Nook for all of my digital book reading - but I know we have several book lovers here in the forum who use other readers, use the PC version of e-readers, and convert files with calibre, so if you need help or have questions, don't hesitate to ask!