i'd like to say i'll make this short...but not real possible for me...however, i'll make it short for ME

some may know others may not that my youngest son (almost 25) is a Volunteer Fire Fighter. Has been for just over 2 yrs. and wanted to for many years before that.

Also as u may know, we live in the country. a big portion of calls r false alarms or minor. next in line is brush fires, barn fires, garage fires etc.and the not so intelligent burn the trash that gets out of control. third in line would be house fires. which for the most part are empty. as a matter of fact here is a photo of him putting out his last fire (no one inside) it looks like he's making jokes but truth is he was at the embers part of it and he couldn't get a good foot hold and found this spot and then got thirsty and someone shot the photo! this is a fairly typical type of fire.

So 6 mos. into his career he had to respond to a fire (as the backup station) that people were in. by the time he arrived they had rescued 3 adults and 3 children. as back up the ff's r tired and need a break so it was up to him and 3 others to do a 'retrieval' of the one adult who did not make it. (not getting gross but it was not smoke that took them ) even worse he found out later that the father had burns they didnt think he would survive (he has but still has a long way to go) and that these were family members of friends of his.

Fast forward to present. last week he got to do his first rescue. not from fire but from paint (primer) fumes that had almost killed the 2 involved and did have them in mass hallucinations and medical distress and had caused the daughter to climb up to a high spot and lose control. he finally was able to know the feeling of bringing a human being to safety she had to go to the hospital but wouldn't be there too long. so anyway i have always been proud of him no matter what and he'd hate that i'm sharing this (only because its what he does and he doesn't consider himself a hero) but guess what...i'm sure that family does...and i KNOW I DO!

here's a link to a LO i did about his FF last spring