Iím currently so desperate for snow, Iím about ready to make snowballs out of mashed potatoes. Or mud. Something. Itís December and we hit the 70s a few days ago here in the Midwest. Insanity, I tell you.

Thankfully, I have Sims 3: Seasons, so I can get my snowball fight on that way!

Speaking of Snowball Fights, I had nearly two pages in the gallery to go through! Thatís awesome! Yíall are really loving the buffet, arenít you? I had a hard time just choosing a few!

Created by swastinadia. I LOVE the use of the little ones to make a scene, and the BEAUTIFUL blend!

Created by sladd79054. I love the use of the dark background with the whiteness of the pictures!

Created by Lisa. I just love this! I love the added actual ribbon, and what looks like extra added snowflakes. SO cute!

Remember, that when you spend $10 in the store, you get an amazing grab bag created by one of our amazing designers. Decemberís has been created by Kathy, of Kathy Winters Designs, and it is just lovely!
Oh, everything looks so lovely, doesnít it?

Before I let you go, though, Ryan, of Roseytoes, is having an amazing sale!

Seriously! Thatís a steal!!

Well, thatís it for now! Make sure you share with us what you got! We love to hear it!