oh please michelle don't think this is pick on michelle cuz it sure isn't hon...promise...but like missi should better explain!

i don't not send out cards to people because they don't send me one...i don't send them out because i put so much time and energy (and money) into them and NO ONE CARES...no thank u's nothing...so why bother, they do not miss them that's for sure and since they don't like me anyway (inlaws r all that's left other than my siblings and we don't like each other either...long history).

as for getting them...we don't...EVER!!!! DH and i were just laughing this week cuz our realtor still remembers us after 3 yrs. (ok small town and a computer program but hey...it was written by hand by her secretary LOL) we get one from my dentists and dr's too who should with all the money spent LOL

and yes i throw them away. i had to start throwing away most cards but some from DH or my kids for different holidays even store bought r even more special and i save them.