So, I printed up my holiday card--used Persnickety for the first time and I LOVE THEM. They will be getting all of my print orders from now on. (DON'T FORGET TO USE THE COUPON HERE AT GS!)
Oh jeez, I'm sorry, I got off track. What was I saying? Oh yes, I printed my card and pulled out my list of Card Recipients. And it made me think about how I love sending out my personally designed holiday card to everyone on the list except a few people. I send cards out to those who send ME a holiday card. If I don't get a card from you in 2 years, then you're off my list. The exception? Well, a few people, like my grandpa--he's 91 and I'm not going to give him grief if he forgets to mail out Christmas cards. But the person who it actually annoys me to send a card? DH's aunt. She doesn't send us a holiday card, so I stopped sending her one a few years ago...but she got pissed when we didn't send her a card. Well, hello! If you aren't going to send me a quick "Merry Christmas!" then why should I send you one? But, we got a call from MIL saying that Aunt was annoyed, so now she gets one. But I do it out of annoyance. I guess I'm a Grinch.
So what's your rule--who gets your holiday card? (Or do you not send one at all? Or, am I crazy for being such a party pooper about who gets one? lol)