before i ask this very BASIC math question i need to add a little something. i am NOT DUMB! i do have a 4.0 in college. but i have severe dyslexia and math is my worst. i have actually had comatose panic attacks trying to do math and even speaking about numbers gives me an anxiety attack!!! (how did i get a 4.0...for people with LD's u get an IEP and i was able to take the equivalent classes in WORD vs. NUMBERS)

so trying to get my husband one of his gifts (he's harder to buy for than a woman) he LOVES coffee however and last year i was able to find him Cuban coffee which he had been wanting to try and fell in love with but that site has closed. so i found it 2 other places and need to know which is the best deal (where the math comes in)

i have 2 choices. 2 bags 14 oz each for 26.99 (total) or 1 bag .75 lb for 11.99 each X 2.

also, if anyone knows cuban coffee and knows of better choices this is Kana (with a squiggle of the N) havana blend...whole bean

i know that the average 10 year old can do this in minutes...that is why i'm asking i don't want to spend days throwing things LOL