oh the madness of black friday!!!! i bought some stuff last nite and then again this morning. ALL of it is queued its like being in the real world and having your debit card get de-magnetized (this actually happened on a black friday weekend IN the store)

i want to buy MORE...(i'm on a frenzy ) but can't til i download these so i can get in my head what i bought already...almost repeated a kit <ack> (ACK!!) once i visualize them i will remember (did my husband put someone up to this to stop my shopping???? LMAO

seriously i did fill out the contact info but should i pm ginger or someone directly. i hate being overly pushy and impatient but i want my goodies dang it ;)

and while i'm at it...designers THANKS SO MUCH for all your great kits and graciousness for this sale...(MWAH)