Did I get your attention? Hope so. I wanted to post this a bit before I posted some older LO's. As some of u know (since I've told u ) my old site closed. At that site I had several of what I consider MY best work. I want to include this in my gallery that I'm hoping to be calling home!

The reason for this post is that over the next few days as I add them (about a dozen) I like to warn people in advance. Most of them are Art Journaling and when I AJ its very very very personal. while there is NOTHING graphic they are deep and emotional and deal with pain, loss, and abuse. For this reason I like to let people know as for some it is way to close to home and something that is very difficult to deal with.

if that is YOU...no judgement...but for a few days just check out any LO's that i post for challenges as they will not deal with anything except my usual attempt at humor