I'll start with my question first. So since I'm pathetically broke at the moment I'm getting some of the freebies so I can do some challenges and NOT just post LO's

I know they require 50% of GS products. BUT some sites r different...so...does a template count as 50%??? just checking as i am an insufferable rule follower (this is a continuation of my convo with missi in another thread but didn't want to hi jack it...thanks missi)

and my shout out...goes to GS in general. I get more comments on my LO's here than ANY other gallery... even though i don't participate in the site...i have even got several baker's best and a LOTW! My hats off and thank you so very much!!! its very hard on me to participate in more than one site as i'm a monogamous scrapper ;) (ok only cuz i have dyslexia and am ADHD and can't keep up) but gonna try as i'm looking for a friendly, welcoming, and active forum!

again thank u all for being so wonderful when i have had questions or needed something