I'm not one to normally request such a thing, but I'll take all the positive thinking you've got right now, a 'mass shooting' early this afternoon hit way too close to home- as it was at a dear friend of mine workplace.

I have called her and sent several texts, with no response yet. I am sort of (absolutely) freaking out waiting to hear something, anything, from her. I don't know if she was working today or not, but there is a good chance she was...

All news reports state there have been 7 to 8 people shot, but no fatalities which is a HUGE blessing.

I am trying to find a way to distract myself until I hear from her. Which is proving difficult.
I might just go immerse myself into Photoshop before I go batcacacrazy.

WHY?!?! do people do this? Why does there have to be such nonsensical violence in the world?!