Sorry for writing a novel... i just need to vent. Feel free to tell me to quit whinning lol . Right now we are renting from my Dad's best friend and it is causing me so much stress lately. The sink in our bathroom started to leak and it took him 3 months to get someone out here to look at it and once he found out the bill was going to be $4k, he started drinking again and went into a rehab center because he started to think about killing himself. So we thought it might be best to pay our jeep off early in January, and start putting that money to the side for a downpayment to get a house. But lately I am not even sure I am going to last that long with all the crap going on with this house.

Well, he fixed the bathroom half way -- I definitely understand money is tight for everyone BUT fix it right! The furnace started to leak & he decided going on vacation was more important. Hubs ended up having to fix it but who knows how long it will last. The fixture in our half bathroom doesn't work & now the fridge is leaking water, we told him and he just kinda shrugged his shoulders because it was still working. So, we went and bought a fridge last night.

I am so frustrated. He paid for brazillian slate to be put in the kitchen and dining room and he's willing to let it get ruined just baffles me. I really wish he'd just fix the stuff because I feel that just because we are like family he thinks he can take his sweet time fixing stuff that he should be fixing immediately.