Tomorrow is my 12th Anniversary! I'm so thankful and blessed to have been married to my best friend and soul-mate for so long. I love him more today than on the day we we're married and more with each day that passes. We've had some tough times through our relationship but we never doubted that we we're meant to be together. I love him so much.

This will be the first Anniversary that we won't be together to celebrate. He's out of province, thousands of miles away for work.

I'm planning on getting all dressed up, with pretty make-up and hair, and having a Skype date with him. I've got a cute card and a bottle of our favorite red wine that I'll be using during our "date". I'm going to have our favorite songs playing in the background too. He doesn't get much time to be online so it's going to be a lot to take, in a short time. I hope he likes it.