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Awww, those days or actually nights are quite tough to get through. I don't mind the days too but at night I totally can't sleep well without my hubby. Honestly, I'm kind of like Meg. I get anxious when my hubby's away. Luckily, he hardly ever goes on business trip, etc. though. The most he went away by himself is like 1 week and only twice a year.
Fortunately I sleep better without him LOL! Because he works the night shift and is only home three nights a week.

I think I'm getting better... Jeff's leaving again for the mountains tomorrow, but I have friends who are taking me out for korean bbq Monday night. So at least I wont be cooped up at home by myself his entire trip. I have an uncle in Indonesia (not by blood... we're his "american" family) who's constantly traveling between here and there - I don't know how his family can handle that. This last trip he brought them with him and announced that he bought a house in LA... so maybe they'll be traveling more often with him!