Hey everyone! I've missed you all! Hope you're all holding down the fort well w/o me! Thought I'd bop in quick while my youngest two are still napping - and give a QUICK update!

Isaac Luck was born at 12:06AM on Saturday, Sept 22nd. (on time - which was new and different - and totally unexpected! his two DDs were the 21st and 22nd - so it was perfect!) He was 7lbs 6oz and 19" long! He also has a head of dark hair (which his dad was happy to see - he said if we had another baby with red hair that I'd have some explaining to do - LOL! He's a goof!)

Anyways - labor was QUICK - which is always nice - I'll have to come back when I have another free minute and give the whole birth story!

But here are a few pics quick!

4 minutes old!

1st Family Photo: (man I think I look better minutes after birth then I do here - but what do you do?!)

My oldest & youngest - just too cute not to share!

he's a keeper!

And who doesn't love baby feet!!


My daughter wanted to help with diapers - until she saw the poop!