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I say keep whatever format you are currently using and then get rid of the rest. Since you are using GIMP, keep the PSD. If you switch to Photoshop you'll still be able to use them and from that point on you can start keeping the TIF instead to save space.

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And even then, if you do switch over to PS, you can save the files to .tiff yourself to reduce the size of the files.

I used to only save .psd because if the .tiff file is saved correctly to reduce size, PSPx2 wont show the layers and I couldn't scrap with the template. But since I've started to exclusively use PS, I've been saving the .tiff files just because it reduces the size on my harddrive and I can see the file image without having to click on it.

But really its a personal preference thing. Do what is right for you now and as you grow, you adjust and change then.