some extra prayers! As many of you know of you know my great nephew was born last week with a heart condition called Tetrology of Fallot. I have posted some information on FB such as they will begin the referral process at 1 month and baby Easton will have open heart surgery at 3 months. Wha hasn't been posted on FB is that his uncle (mom's brother) died of this same heart condition at 10 days old. Easton's is VERY mild and the doctors expect a 99% full recovery. But there is always the fear that Easton could be the 1%.

Just moments ago I got a call from my sister that my next nephew (due in February) has been preliminarily diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. I looked it up, sounds like it may have been the quad screen? Anyway, they will be goin next week for further testing including a specialized ultrasound that according to the OB is very accurate in diagnosing Down's.

This has just been an overwheling week!

Thanks guys, I KNOW I can always count on you ladies for support without judging!!